Safety information

It is prohibited to carry the following items in hand luggage or checked luggage for safety reasons:

  • Bags with inbuilt alarms;
  • Explosives, fireworks, rockets;
  • Pressurised cans containing irritant gases, self-defense sprays, camping gas;
  • Cans with inflammable liquids such as cigarette-lighter fuel, paint, varnish, solvents;
  • Easily inflammable items, such as matches;
  • Substances that emit inflammable gases when they come in contact with water;
  • Oxidising substances such as powdered bleach, peroxides;
  • Poisonous (toxic) and infectious substances such as mercury, bacteria and virus cultures;
  • Radioactive materials and products;
  • Corrosive substances such as acids, alkalis, wet-cell batteries;
  • Highly magnetic materials;


Special regulations apply to the carriage of ammunition. Contact our offices for further details.



The following items cannot be carried in hand luggage for safety reasons:


  • knives or sharp objects;
  • nail-clippers;
  • nail files;
  • penknives;
  • scissors;
  • toy weapons;
  • sprays;
  • tools;
  • clubs;
  • weapons/ammunition;


Electronic equipment


Electronic equipment has a negative effect on a plane’s electronic systems. These devices can only be used while the plane’s doors are open. During the flight, after take-off is complete and before the plane has started the landing procedure certain electronic devices can be turned on in the plane such as:


  • CD and DVD players
  • Portable video-game consoles
  • Personal computers
  • Digital cassette recorders/players
  • Portable hand-held agendas that do not use a reception/transmission system.


Electronic devices that are prohibited inside the plane


  • Mobile phones (whenever the doors are closed);
  • RF transmission devices;
  • Walkie-Talkies;
  • Remote controlled toys;
  • Cathode ray tube monitors;
  • Cordless IT equipment (mouse);
  • PC printers;
  • Stereo devices;
  • Pocket radios (AM/FM);
  • TV channel receivers;
  • Bluetooth technology.


No electronic equipment is allowed during take-off approach and landing procedures.


Note: If any interference is detected onboard, the Captain can prohibit the use of any electronic device.


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